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Maybe you should do the writing if you want a change now. I'm sure you're busy though- discouraged- watching bombs drop down on Gaza all night while I do fake nails and watch my telenovellas in my disconnected dorm room. I haven't watched the news in over six months now. The closest I have come is watching day old CNN reports on YouTube and refreshing the presidential tally page until I was sure Obama won.
Somehow my words aren't cutting it at this point- Not cutting anything. Not sharp enough for razors- not sharp enough to slice meat, no weight to slice cheese or even butter for that matter. They're as dull as my hazed out mind, slowly forgetting what it means to be alive.
I can't cut through anything. It's all in my way now. I can't cut through anything.
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silence on the couch
everybody looking at me upstairs
everybody looking at me upstairs
looking at me upstairs
so I close the door
and I don't open my eyes
to see who's still looking
everybody looking at me upstairs
trying to find somewhere to crawl inside
Or some animal to set free
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Write Me
Write me a poem that will change the world
It doesn't have to be complicated or obscure
It doesn't have to invent a new disease
for which only you have found the cure
It doesn't have to be anything to rival
The Iliad or The Bible
It doesn't have to be anything like that.
Write me a poem that will change the world
a ripple in the water or
a bomb that strikes out cities
Maybe it will be both
But write me something that will make my mind unfold
New again like a seedling of Mother Earth
in all of her perpetual glory!
With Father Time standing by
winding and rewinding my mind
and my Father farther than the sky
clasping it all in His hands.
Write me something to remind me It's Here
:iconninemenonrocks:NineMenOnRocks 2 1
Tell me Gandhi have you seen Medusa
Have you been as scared as me
Did your hair tumble down to twist like snakes
When you were young and kept your turban
O what did you hide O how did it ache
O the public truth did it lessen your shame
O Gandhi O Ram
Looking upward again
I find all my ideas and opinions
Dusting away like a cloud
:iconninemenonrocks:NineMenOnRocks 1 0
To the Man Rehearsing Piano in Lecture Theatre CL
To the Man Rehearsing Piano in Lecture Theatre CL 110:
I stood outside the door,
unsure if I should leave or
make my presence known
A steady flow of post-modern
cinematic beauty
emanated from the empty room
where I peered my way in to glimpse
the back of your head.
A fumble, a stop, a heavy sigh
an abrupt change of piece
I stood clutching my Barq's, poised to speed walk away
If you were to turn and exit
A few shifts of your bench and I jumped to flee
But sat back down with your continuous unfurl
of melody.
A polychromatic
line of notes
clutched deeply at my aching throat
and I turned to go.
I placed myself down again, though,
further out of sight
As a series of delicately entwining tunes
met my ear, only to speed
and end
with a frustrated pound at the keys
And I rose again but
you again began
A snippet of Chopin or
a lock of Liszt's hair
Some symphonic sea
Who knows
I drowned
in that fluorescent lit hallway today
Swam through the contents of the pop machine
Took a breath
:iconninemenonrocks:NineMenOnRocks 2 1
Fluorescent Jesus
That picture is like someone died
A picture I'm not in
A picture I'm not in
A beautiful girl- but sad, and
the hard things
you didn't want me to say
I didn't
I didn't
and now they are the awkward things
that you don't want to hear
Fluorescent Jesus on my nightstand
I stroke his hair and take his hand
And I ask for forgiveness but there's nothing to give
And He asks for my life with no reason to live
You were acting selfless
Some people just aren't selfless
Did you call me dear or honey ever
Dripping down like sickly spears
I don't recall
If you need to hit my face hit my face
don't put acid in my pillowcase
I have tough skin but my insides
are aching to crawl out
Maybe through my mouth
Through my eyes.  I miss your eyes.
You're a liar and a thief,
but I love your dark red deep
and I'd hand over anything
You may find me often
passive with a loose grip
Living off a morphine drip
But I knew what it was to hold steady when I knew you
Fluorescent Jesus o
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sometimes I think my poetry is more like writing me
from the back of my mind
a shining light comes like a strange mercy
the words you'd drink up like a lapping sea
But maybe this is all reverse
your words that haunt me like a curse
And I find in this proverbial fantasy
the float bobbing gently boat bow down
I'm the fish flapping frantic choking
on your silver line
:iconninemenonrocks:NineMenOnRocks 4 1
The Second Coming
I understand now what you mean by
crunching bones beneath your feet
Like how you pet the cow but eat the meat
It's all
a bloody massacre down here, don't you see
Turn your head up, up
Turn the other cheek, then show me your chin-
All of the weak when they fall to their knees
they need a god and not a mortal man
Certainly your hands can't do any good
If they can't walk leave 'em to die
or find some other crutch
Cause twist your head back and it's a battlefield
Darling I used to be like you
running away and I'd say
Fuck it
Can't save everyone
I was careful even
but hey
Something strikes the side and I go down
And I, I lie, I say I won't lie down
I take the pills every day, I shake the chills
I fake my face and don't feel so ill
And I hope and I pull but sometimes time stands still
It's a moment that sticks, seems  "this is where it ends"
But I shake off the chills
And I swallow the ills
and I count out the pills
And I pray to the god that seems so contorted in this light
:iconninemenonrocks:NineMenOnRocks 2 1
Thank you for the lovely i guess
and thank you for anything:
The summer wind was just a passerby. My drumming friend a needle in the eye. Fisheye, fisheye, hook! All the pictures I took of you, look! When you are ready to come out of your lion cave all steamed up and smelling of carnage and lust and carnage rotten meat meat meat- Come up to meet me.  Oh yes show me all the treasures you have in your den but until you know that I'm not one of them. Until then-  I'm pounding your skull on the rocks, I'm pounding my palms to my ears, my fists to the ground. My life is stretched and ripped and torn over my eyes, blocking the sky- climbing forever like the lives of diamonds. But you- YOU. You dance in the free care of the sunlight and I can take the blame from myself that everything went wrong. My arms are shredding over the rocks and I'm crawling away, leaving you my blood and bread but taking my disciples. Making a sound that no one can stifle. Drumming, drumming, humm
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I wrote a song about Gandhi
I wrote a song about rage
I dared sing them on the same breath
If you see that fire
Burning bright in my eyes
Eerie glow on my face
    let it pass
Singing the praises of forgiveness without
Being so sure you were understood
Swallow my pride like a following tide
Let the flames ebb back up on the sand
O let me say what I need:
I do not believe
You would have kept honor I do not believe
You would have kept my trust I am guilty
I do not trust
The mind of lust
I do not trust
My cycling thoughts
Or the truth I held over you like a knife
Let stones lay where they fell
When you were angry and threw them
But do not let the rage lay down into sadness
Do not resign
Do not vomit
Do not let the rage lay down into sadness
Stop smugly sitting over sainthood
Don't kick the dogs at your feet
If you see that fire
Burning bright in my eyes
Eerie glow on my face
    let it pass
Please if you do anything
Don't spit words back in my face
:iconninemenonrocks:NineMenOnRocks 1 0
Love, Truth, and Beauty
Some things I never want to see
Rigor Mortis at 7 am
Arnold carrying out his baby girl hitting the wall
because the gurney will not fit through his hall
The raw face of death
After the soul has left and it is truth
In a world where all we search for is love and truth
Digging like children with dirty fingers, is it then fair
We draw back the hood and expect to find some beauty there
And the shock and vomit afterward
Vomit, vomit, vomit
Some things I never want to see
Good man Joe joins the navy seals
promoted to general, bullets click heels
Repeating it is not up to me where they go
but I'll arrange the meeting
Repeating Repeating
ghost is faceless bleeding
Found the truth expected beauty
loveless acts in loveless place
loveless cuts upon the face
Some things I never want to see
It's nice they got her hands uncurled
my mother fawns over the pearl
Geri mutters bet they broke her fingers
:iconninemenonrocks:NineMenOnRocks 1 0
The Line
I often ponder
the line between pity and blame
the line between decision and fate
And which side of the grass I'm trampling
If I cannot get out of bed and you come to
Ease my aching head
Is that enabling
If I cry does it mean you are being too harsh
I often ask God why He made me so strong
But leaves me here crawling on the ground
Unable to rise but my mind still rambles on
This is why simple conversations are difficult
I don't depend on nobody
It used to be
me blind clutching onto the blind
Now I'm tumbling to my knees in the dark
So when I don't speak it is not because I don't have ideas
Just that first I must capture the words
The same way you would grasp a fluttering bird
By the time I am as old as you
I will run out of wings to ruin
:iconninemenonrocks:NineMenOnRocks 2 4
O fie, o fie
What a sorry slave to Pavlov am I
Spinning words like rouge
silk stories
Draining the words like a cyst
A diseased pleasure within my wickedness
and He tells me:
and they laugh in your face
And you laugh in the nighttime
You laugh and laugh and laugh
A fictional fate
Love and depression, they go hand in hand
Like the lock in the key
The golden decree
The cure and disease
Well I took that poison I thought was the medicine
And I slept and I wept
And when I woke I realized
There was nothing to wake from.
-POET! I am the capitals.
the truth is beautiful at all times, and-
A true world- Imagine!
I am afraid I have gone mad.
:iconninemenonrocks:NineMenOnRocks 3 3
Crystal City
If I wandered too far in my lifetime
And each drink I took was cursed
A good man would bring me to water
While a woman would make me thirst
Not even a drought could make me risk one sip
Out of her aqua morphine drip
You face what it is you dream of
And I'll keep my nightmares in tow
Tarnished pennies on the bathroom floor
Are my diamonds all in a row
Not even a fortune could make me risk one sip
Out of that leaking faucet drip
No no not even a fortune
Not even the thirst
No no not even the coins
Or the lies you've rehearsed
:iconninemenonrocks:NineMenOnRocks 1 0
Gluttony does not define me
As gluttony did not become me
But selfishness steals as I am 
and shows through the corners of a man
I was born from the grave
Of my grandfathers age
And a downhill cart follows gravity's will 
Until until
If you offer me birds I will eat them
Or if there's light in their eyes I will feed them
But I will find a way to recieve them
Unto my smooth palms either way
And though I've tried to be good
I still leaned while you stood
And I dont know who it is that she sees
When my reflection looks at me
:iconninemenonrocks:NineMenOnRocks 2 2
You rot away 
in your carpet apartment
Everyone lost 
and I'm the next contestant
Maybe next time, play again
Just call me up and tell me when
 Drink that poison
Tell me when it starts to hurt
Drink that poison
Tell me when it turns into dirt
I called again 
to let you know
I won't be playing 
your games no more
The circles we run are only a joke
You laugh hard when we fall on the floor
Drink that poison
Seven glasses every night
Drink that poison
Try to tell me you wanna make everything right
Yeah, well
Yeah, well
I dont want to fill your empty shell 
Fingers in my brain
Tell me its ok
Fingers in my brain
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